Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon


Three weeks after running Santa Barbara Half I decided to experiment with long distance running at Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half. I didn’t have time to train for this race and decided to try my luck and see if I could handle it. I finished the race in approximately the same time as the first time. My overall time was 5 mins slower compared to 3 weeks ago, but I ran my first 7 miles without stopping for the first time and I am really proud of it. The last 3 miles were the most difficult. I felt like I was arguing with myself for the duration of the distance asking things like “Why are you doing this?” and  “Can I please go home now?” But I didn’t find any good excuses to stop, so I kept on going. I walked for a little bit at some point, then regained my strength and ran on. There were a lot of middle school cheerleading bands along the course and every time I ran past one I felt that I couldn’t stop because these girls were there to support me and I needed to set a good example for them. I think their support helped a lot.

Also for the first time I was running along with the marathoners. The last 3 miles of their course ran along the half marathon course. We shared the road. I couldn’t stop looking at their built athletic bodies and graceful movements. I was in awe even though it was probably the last thing on my mind because all I wanted was to finish and get some sleep. I didn’t even feel hungry, just exhausted. I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before. Will try to plan better for the SF half at the end of July. Although, it will be difficult, because I haven’t been to SF since 2011 and there are too many places that I want to see during that weekend.

A few of the fun things during the course that I absolutely loved. One supporter set up a bar on his patio and was giving out orange juice and champagne to runners! That’s so generous of him and so awesome! There were a couple of showers and sprinklers set up for hydration. I ran through 2 of them and it was very cool and refreshing!

Overall, it was a nice race, but not very scenic. I think I made the best decision by running my first half marathon at the picturesque destination race in Santa Ynez. So many good memories.

Will try not to experiment in the future and hope to be better prepared for SF. I can’t wait to run across the Golden Gate Bridge and back!!!




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