Noël Coward’s Brief Encounter


Saw another great show at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts this past weekend. Noël Coward’s Brief Encounter is a touching story set in 1938 in which two married people fall in love with each other, but are fighting to contain their emotions to not let themselves get carried away given their family obligations and conventions of British suburban life, and are forced to walk away at the end heartbroken and emotionally devastated. The original British film of 1945 was based on Noël Coward one-act play called Still Life. The Kneehigh‘s, a UK based theatre company, production of 2008 directed by Emma Rice combines the elements of a play with live music, singing, and multimedia effects. The cast of 6 talented actors and 2 musicians skillfully switch between the different roles surprising the audience with unexpected twists and makeovers. It is definitely a fun, humorous, and romantic show with a fair share of drama as the events unfold toward the end of the show. I loved the staging, the music, and the energy of the cast. I can’t compare this show to the original screenplay since I haven’t seen it, but the projections of certain scenes from the movie onto the stage have given the production a new dimension and made the visual experience more interesting. Thank you for bringing this wonderful show to Beverly Hills! Click here to read Los Angeles Times review.

2014-03-07 21.44.53

2014-03-07 21.47.25


2014-03-07 21.48.02

2014-03-07 21.44.25

2014-03-07 21.44.15

2014-03-07 21.47.49

2014-03-07 21.47.37

2014-03-07 21.47.13 

2014-03-07 21.44.40

2014-03-07 21.45.18

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