January happenings


I started the year by trying a new ballet studio and so far it’s been great! I’ve taken 4 classes so far and I think I might have found a place I’ve been looking for during the past 3 months. First of all, our teacher gives detailed explanations before introducing a new movement. The classes are small, so I get more attention. Second, I feel that I finally started focusing more on dancing and less on trying to memorize the steps. Third, the studio has mirrors along the three walls, so it really helps with corrections and posture. After taking a class with Finis Jhung, I realized the importance of self-corrections and those mirrors really help. (The exercises at the barre in Finis Jhung’s classes are at a 45 degree angle, done with a purpose of being able to see one’s reflection). So great studio find so far. The only thing I hope will change at some point is the schedule. It would be great to see a Monday night class and a Sunday day class.

I decided to continue with UCLA Extension classes and focused on tax this quarter. I will be studying corporate and partnership taxation through the end of March. My hope is that the material covered in these classes will help me prepare for the Regulation exam, which I plan to take in the beginning of April.

Last week we saw I’ll Go On, a one man show, at Kirk Douglas Theater and Ballet Jazz de Montreal at Wallis Annenberg Performance Center. My favorite piece was Night Box by Wen Wei Wang. There was something about it that breathed with youthful energy and reminded me of the times when I was just 20… I miss college.


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