November happenings


November delighted with the highly anticipated opening of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. We got a chance to see Martha Graham Dance Company perform on the night of the opening of the inaugural season. What was different from all the other performances I’ve seen so far was a brief introduction of the company by Janet Eilber, who is the the artistic director, which followed by a compilation of a narrative and 6 excerpts from works choreographed by Martha Graham to tell the story of her journey. The company also performed full-length Maple Leaf Rag (from 1990) and Chronicle (from 1936).


A week after that we saw Falstaff at the LA Opera and later in the evening joined other young professional at the ARIA event in Downtown.

The other performance that we got to see in November was Black Suits at Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City. It was a really fun musical. Maybe a bit childish, but for those of us who ever played in a band in high school or had friends who did, it is a great way to bring back the memories of those great times and to secretly indulge in them while no one is looking.


Among other things I tried to keep up with my ballet classes at least twice a week. Given 3 courses and the exam prep, going to the studio more often than that proved to be more difficult than I thought. But I am glad I made the time for these classes. I enjoy being in the studio with other adults who are just like me working hard to master the movements. It brightens my day and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. No matter how small, these little efforts will be sure to develop into something beautiful sometime next year.

I also signed up for CPAexcel. Will see how that goes.

Santa Monica

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