The joy of small victories

This week I was finally approved to sit for the exam. It felt unreal. Just a year ago I was contemplating whether I would be able to finish the program in one year, and now I am just a month away from receiving my certificate and ready to schedule the test!

As I promised to myself I’ve been taking 3-4 ballet classes per week since the beginning of the month and feel really proud of it. A lot of steps that seemed unclear at first seem easy now and I noticed that I have a lot more stamina to pull though a longer class or even two. Yesterday I took two difficult classes back to back and 2.5 hours later left exhausted, but very very happy with my efforts.

I also feel that within this first month ballet gave a new structure to work with. Its step-by-step routine that builds strength and helps the body memorize new movements is really helpful for my preparation for CPA marathon. It also simply clears my head, gives me focus, and above all makes me happy.

The past three weeks were all about studying and practicing, but I couldn’t have missed a few great events that were going on:

Einstein on the Beach


Nederlands Dans Theater


LA Moves by Barak Ballet


I also got to see Gravity in 3D and really enjoyed it.


What can I say? All of them were amazing and really memorable. I have now added the music of Philip Glass to my Pandora station, became an instant fan of Nederlands Dans Theater and long to see them on stage again, and discovered a new ballet company in Los Angeles right at the time of its inception. There was a short piece in the LA Moves program called “For Two”, choreographed by Melissa Barak, so sensuous and beautiful, that I could’ve watched it for hours non-stop and not get tired of it. But I was just as touched by “Wien”, choreographed by Pascal Rioult, because it was distinctly different from everything I’ve seen so far – fresh, barefoot, full of energy and inner voice, and swirling with emotion. And Gravity? I was left completely disoriented upon exiting the theater, just as if I journeyed along with Sandra Bullock through space and came back to Earth. But the experience really made me appreciate how many things we take for granted every single day. A powerful thought.

One thought on “The joy of small victories

  1. How wonderful that you went to see Nederlands Dans Theater! I’ve been there last November to see their production of Giselle, with Diana Vishneva as guest principal dancer. It was amazing!

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